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Some Days You Just Need A Live Show

posted by Super Ron    |   July 5, 2017 19:57


I know someone who went to a staff Christmas party at a nice hotel and left early.  When I asked him how it was he said it was a nice meal and he received a very nice Christmas bonus but it was boring otherwise.  After a short program, they had a DJ and a lot of people started to leave at that point.  What was wrong with this staff party?  They needed a live show. 

The place he worked was part of a chain of automotive shops.  People from different shops were all at that party.  So, you basically had a bunch of more macho type guys who didn’t know each other.  No one was going to be the first person up on the dance floor. 

A good live show would have really fit the bill here.  People who are a little shyer can just watch the show while the bolder people can engage directly with the performer.  A comedian can deal with a heckler (part of the fun of a stand-up show), an improv group can get people directly involved by getting input from the audience or a magic act can have volunteers.  Who doesn’t want to see the boss up on stage? 

When the show is done you have a group of people who are no longer strangers, but a group of people who have all shared a common experience.  Maybe now might be a better time for a DJ.