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Make Your Summer Memorable

posted by Super Ron    |   July 17, 2017 09:52


Well, we are in the midst of the time of year when we like to kick back relax and enjoy the company of good friends.  Or perhaps you get to host the family celebration this summer.  Maybe you need to entertain clients or staff.  Whatever the reason, a magic show works great at a back-yard BBQ.


Due to the size of the venue these tend to be smaller and more intimate shows.  I personally perform a combination of my stage and close up shows.  If there are kids I’ll include one routine especially for them.  If it’s a come and go type of event I perform walk around magic.


If you’re planning a BBQ consider a magic show as part of your event.



Maddy made this picture for me at a recent BBQ I performed at.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Food Truck Wars

posted by Super Ron    |   July 10, 2017 16:39

I love the Food Truck Wars event.  They have lots going on there.  There are hot dog and pie eating contest, different shows for the family, and they even have pro wrestling!  I got to meet some of the CWE performers.  They were great guys!  This is a picture me trying to get my hat back from Garrison Creed.


Not For Kids!

posted by Super Ron    |   July 10, 2017 13:31

When I used to work in restaurants I would approach a table of adults and I would often get a puzzled look.  It was the look that said "Why would you come to our table?  There are no children here."  Even with the popularity of shows like America's Got Talent and other talent shows many people still look at magic as if it is just for kids.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Many of the shows I perform are for adults.  I get a lot of compliments for my kids shows, but some of the kindest comments I get are from people who have seen me perform for adults.  I was recently booked for a 40th birthday party.  The birthday girl said I made that milestone much more bearable.  One time, after a stage show my client told me how happy he was with the show.  Some months earlier at their national conference they booked a comedian who was really vulgar.  The committee even had to apologize to the board.  There were no apologies after my show.  Finally, I once performed for a table of young adults at a restaurant I worked at.  Before they left they came to me and told me how much they enjoyed the show.  They had just recently put their dog down and went out to eat to console each other.  They told me they really enjoyed the show and it helped them forget about their sorrow for a few minutes.  It meant a lot to them.

Is magic just for kids?  It doesn't have to be.  Remember that when you are planning your next event.


Some Days You Just Need A Live Show

posted by Super Ron    |   July 5, 2017 19:57


I know someone who went to a staff Christmas party at a nice hotel and left early.  When I asked him how it was he said it was a nice meal and he received a very nice Christmas bonus but it was boring otherwise.  After a short program, they had a DJ and a lot of people started to leave at that point.  What was wrong with this staff party?  They needed a live show. 

The place he worked was part of a chain of automotive shops.  People from different shops were all at that party.  So, you basically had a bunch of more macho type guys who didn’t know each other.  No one was going to be the first person up on the dance floor. 

A good live show would have really fit the bill here.  People who are a little shyer can just watch the show while the bolder people can engage directly with the performer.  A comedian can deal with a heckler (part of the fun of a stand-up show), an improv group can get people directly involved by getting input from the audience or a magic act can have volunteers.  Who doesn’t want to see the boss up on stage? 

When the show is done you have a group of people who are no longer strangers, but a group of people who have all shared a common experience.  Maybe now might be a better time for a DJ.




Say What?!

posted by Super Ron    |   July 4, 2017 22:13

I have a new video up!